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Stories with southern, kick-butt female sleuths

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Mutt Mysteries Series (New Paws in Town)
Murder, She Barked

Murder Always Barks Twice 
Murder, Till Death Do Us Bark



Mutt Mysteries Series

To Fetch a Thief Cover_edited.jpg

Hounding the Pavement
Four Fun Tails of Theft & Murder

Cattt Ramsey has three things on her mind: grow her dog walking service in Virginia Beach, solve the theft of a client's vintage necklace, and hire her sister Em as a dog walker. But when Catt finds her model client dead after walking her dogs Bella and Beau, she and her own dogs Cagney and Lacey are hot on the trail to clear her name after being accused of murder. 

TFAV Cover .jpg

A Shot in the Bark

Four Fun Tails of Miscreants & Murder 

Dog-loving Catt Ramsey hires an ex-con as her handyman to help with her dog-walking business at the same time a crime wave hits the neighborhood. But it's Catt who is accused of murder. She enlists the help of family, friends, and her dogs Cagney and Lacey to prove man's best friend can be crime's worst enemy. 

Scoundrel Cover - High Res .jpeg

A Doggone Scandal

Four Fun Tails of Scandal & Murder
Catt Ramsey, owner of the Woof-Pack Dog Walkers, is back on the case when she receives a mysterious note in her pet supply order. Convinced the sender's motive is scandalous, Catt packs up her SUV and heads to the Outerbanks with her sister Em, family friends Jonathan Ray, and pups Cagney and Lacey to solve the mystery. 

To Fetch a Killer Cover 4.png

A New Leash on Death

Four Fun Tails of Chaos & Murder 

Catt Ramsey, owner of the Woof-Pack Dog Walkers, has a knack for finding dead bodies, but when she and her pups are on the case, there's no way the killer will get away with murder. 

Virginia is for Mysteries Series

Guide to Murder 
A trip to Virginia Beach turns deadly when Connar Randolph owner of the historic Cavalier on the Hill discovers a dead body on her property while giving a tour of the inn.

Shopping for Murder 

When fabric store owner Jana Karson tries to clear her name in the murder of her ex-boyfriend and fellow merchant she uncovers a murderous love triangle and her own hurt feelings.

VIFM copy of cover.png

Kiss Makeup & Murder

When Connar Randolph, owner of the historic Cavalier in Virginia Beach discovers the dead body of a prominent hotel guest and is accused of murder, she uncovers a love triangle, a kiss with a wealthy playbox, and a suspicious family member when trying to solve the mystery. 

Chalk it Up to Murder

When chalk board artist, Jojo Bennington designs a chalk board for a wedding guest in Virginia Beach, she becomes the prime suspect when the guest is murdered with the chalk board since Jojo was the last to see her alive. 

Corked for Murder
When wine shop owner Halee Matthews discovers a dead body in her wine room, she tries to clear her name after being accused of murdering a drunken bridesmaid at a bridal party wine tasting.

Wine & Cocktail Mysteries

MBTG Image Auto Trim.png

Murder on Tap

When mystery writer, Cassidy “Cass” Kennedy, attends Murder at the Banks, a mystery writers’ conference in the Outerbanks, she stumbles upon a rival dead author’s body and a suspicious hotel bartender who offers “personal” room service to female authors. When accused of the murder, Cass solicits the help of conference attendees and fellow authors Valinda and Kym to clear her name.

Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson 

After leaving her graphic design job and her husband’s cheating ways, Margot Berry opens the Beach Shop in the Outerbanks to start a new life. But when Margot attends a wine tasting at Tessa Robinson’s, a frenemy since high school, she stumbles upon Tessa’s dead body in the sand dunes behind her house. When accused of the murder, Margot solicits best friend Kenzie Foster to help clear her name.

50 Shades of Cabernet Cover.jpg

Love the Wine You're With

Jules Riley has three things on her mind: plan the Virginia Beach Wine Fest; rekindle a romance with her ex-boyfriend, a hot local musician, and keep her sister Em sober. But when Em shows up late to the festival and serves up a deadly appetizer, Jules has to clear her name after being accused of murder.

Mysteries by the Sea 

Current Image - Coastal Crimes .jpg

Riverboat Revenge

If all goes according to plan, Trish Harper will solve the murder of her brother, Robbie during a riverboat cruise. With the help of cruise steward, Allie Martin, and Robbie’s girlfriend Jenna Carson, the women set sail to avenge Gino Moretti, a passenger and modern-day loan shark, who holds the key to his murder. But will Trish be taken in by his smooth-talking charm along the James River. . .

Milepost Murder
After retiring from a financial firm and discovering her husband’s cheating ways, Hildy Johnson opens The Beach Shop in the Outerbanks of North Carolina to start a new life. But when a storm batters the cottage she rents from a landlord who refuses to repair the damages and Hildy discovers a dead body in her shop; she is faced with solving the murder and losing her business after being accused of murder.

Fishing for Murder

While driving across the Rudy Inlet Bridge in Virginia Beach, what would happen if a vehicle went over the side. Would it sink? Float? Could another vehicle push it over the side? Check out “Fishing for Murder,” to solve the mystery.

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