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Coastal Crimes: Riverboat Revenge 

To Fetch a Villain: A Shot in the Bark



To Fetch a Scoundrel 

Mutt Mysteries Series: Four Fun Tails of Scandal and Murder

“When a mysterious note appears in dog walker, Catt Ramsey's pet supply order for the Woof-Pack Dog Walkers, Catt heads to the Outer Banks with her sister Em, family friend Jonathan Ray, and pups Cagney and Lacey to investigate the note which leads to murder."  

To Fetch a Thief 

Mutt Mysteries Series: Four Fun Tails of Theft and Murder

“Catt Ramsey has three things on her mind: grow her dog walking service in Virginia Beach, solve the theft of a client's vintage necklace, and hire her sister Em as a dog walker. But when Catt finds her model client dead after walking her precious dogs Bella and Beau, she and her own dogs Cagney and Lacey are hot on the trail to clear her name after being accused of murder."


50 Shades of Cabernet 
Love the Wine You're With

“Jules Riley has three things on her mind: plan the Virginia Beach Wine Fest; rekindle a romance with her ex-boyfriend, a hot local musician, and keep her sister Em sober. But when Em shows up late to the festival and serves up a deadly appetizer, Jules has to clear her name after  being accused of murder.”

Virginia is for Mysteries Volume II
Corked for Murder

"When wine shop owner Halee Matthews discovers a dead body in her wine room, she tries to clear her name after being accused of murdering a drunken bridesmaid at a bridal party wine tasting."

Virginia is for Mysteries Volume I

Guide to Murder 

"A trip to Virginia Beach turns deadly when Connar Randolph owner of the historic Cavalier on the Hill discovers a dead body on her property while giving a tour of the inn."


Shopping for Murder

"When fabric store owner Jana Karson tries to clear her name in the murder of her ex-boyfriend and fellow merchant she uncovers a murderous love triangle and her own hurt feelings."

Fishnets Anthology

Fishing for Murder

“While driving across the Rudy Inlet Bridge in Virginia Beach, I wondered what would happen if a vehicle went over the side. Would it sink? Float? Could another vehicle push it over the side? Check out “Fishing for Murder,” to solve the mystery.”